About Me

I’m Carrie. A mother of two gorgeous girls and wife to the most amazing husband in the world. Right now, we’re exiled to the Middle of Nowhere, VA, and it’s a big change since we’re from the NYC/NJ area. Slowly but surely, we’re figuring things out, but between our “interesting” neighbors (who’ve offered to shoot various animal species they’ve seen in our yard – yikes!) and dueling ideas for the future, it’s a never ending cycle of crazy. This blog is just my way to get back in to writing in general and also to share my thoughts for that particular minute – could be fashion I crave (Kate Spade is my new must), silly stories of kid play (Mooooomyyyy! Do the tickle monster!!), or any other random thought that crosses this mind. Hope you enjoy this little glimpse into my life, and hopefully, it will entice you to share some of your own.


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