Taking the plunge (or why is choosing a blog name so dang hard?)

So I did it, I finally decided to start a blog. I honestly can’t believe it has taken me this long to start one. Well, I think one of the biggest (and silliest?) reasons was the idea of picking a name for it. Browsing around blog sites, everyone has these cutesy, clever names that reflect exactly what they’re trying to get across. Well, I’ll be honest, my blogĀ name is a reflection of the fact that most people may not get me – may not get my humor, thoughts on a particular issue, may not love my taste, may think I’m a terrible mom from the stories I intend to post about my family. But basically, this name reflects the fact that I know you may not get everything I post here, and I don’t expect you to all the time. But here’s hoping you’ll enjoy the ride anyway!


One thought on “Taking the plunge (or why is choosing a blog name so dang hard?)

  1. That’s how I used to end all my supposedly hilarious stories when I was younger and when no one laughed. “Guess you had to be there.” Said with just as much dejection as you’d imagine.

    Stopping by from the yeah write community to encourage you to join us with your second blog post.

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